Anchors Away – My Lilly Pulitzer Memorial Day Outfit!

This weekend was so incredibly beautiful – it was  one of those super rare days in Florida where it was warm, but not so disgustingly humid and sticky! It was the perfect day to test out a Memorial Day Outfit! My family brought me out to the beach to relax for Mother’s Day weekend. Since […]

19 May 2017


My April Rocksbox and Kendra Scott Goodies!

Rocksbox and Kendra Scott has been a definite win for me! This month, I received 3 coordinating Kendra Scott pieces that I’ve been eyeing for a bit. The Kathy adjustable necklace is undoubtedly my favorite piece from this box! It is so versatile as you can adjust the length to whatever you need it to […]

6 May 2017


Bell Sleeves and Lace at Sea Fest!

This weekend was Sea Fest at the park. There was a massive array of food, vendors and music, as well as a duck race on the water. For this occasion, I pulled out my new pinstriped bell sleeves and lace tunic top! I’ve always loved bell sleeves, but they are definitely having a moment right […]

26 Apr 2017


Lilly Pulitzer Elephants at the Park!

It was an incredibly beautiful weekend- not too hot and not too cold! To celebrate, we went to the park and played some Pokémon! I FINALLY found the Tusk in Sun print sweater I’ve been dying for forever! The Lilly Pulitzer elephants prints get me every single time LOL! This Kendra Scott Kathy necklace came […]

18 Apr 2017


My Favorite Super Easy DIY Deodorant!

I have to share an embarrassing secret here: I sweat- a lot! When I was working as an esthetician, I would be in a small steam filled room for hours at a time- in Florida no less! It was unpleasant. I was using the strongest deodorant out there and it still wasn’t good enough. And […]

13 Apr 2017


A Day at the Beach with Lularoe and Tusk in Sun!

This weekend my 3 year was dying to get out of the house, so we made a visit to Anclote Beach! I of course had to bust out some Lilly for the occasion! Lilly’s elephant print called Tusk in Sun is one of my favorites! It’s said that elephants are good luck. It was also […]

10 Apr 2017


The Easisest Way to Prevent Chipped Nails!

Nail polish is one of my favorite “accessories”. I am licensed as an esthetician and nail tech, so having my nails look great is something that is important to me. After 2 years of not being allowed to wear it at my job, i finally have the freedom to do so, but have been having […]

24 Mar 2017


Hiking with Lilly and Harry Potter

As many of you know, there is literally no occasion that I cannot make Lilly Pulitzer appropriate for. Hiking is one of those. My husband laughed at me, but I did in fact combine Lilly Pulitzer and hiking! These are the Lilly Pulitzer Maia leggings for girls and they are not only substantially cheaper than the same […]

2 Mar 2017