Right now is that little sliver of time in Florida, where the weather hasn’t quite gotten to the disgustingly hot point. Every weekend for the past month, I’ve gone out to either a park or a trail and it’s been amazing! This weekend, it was a bit damp from rain earlier in the week, so I had the opportunity to bust out another favorite combo of mine- Lilly and Hunters rain boots!

Lilly Pulitzer and Hunter rain boots
One would think that being in Florida where it rains all the time, that Hunters would be utilized all the time. Unfortunately once it gets so sticky and hot, I’d rather go barefoot!

Lilly Pulitzer Maia Leggings
I also try to shove in all the wear that I can get out of my favorite sweaters during this short period of time as well!

Lilly Pulitzer preppy outfit
I’m keeping my fingers crossed that we’ll continue having this beautiful weather for a bit to come!

Sweater and leggings: Lilly Pulitzer | Rain boots: Hunters | Crossbody: Michael Kors | Necklace and Earrings: Kendra Scott | Sunglasses: Dior | Headband: Claire’s |

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18 thoughts on “A Beautiful Day at the Park with Lilly and Hunters Rain Boots”

  1. We have had a bunch of rain this weekend so I totally understand you wanting to get outside. Breaking out some cute rain boots to help you get outside sounds awesome.

  2. Cute rain boots! I am glad I am not in a predominantly rainy area but it would be great not to have my feet soaked every time it rains, lol

  3. Yesterday we were able to get outside and enjoy the 70 degree weather. Today we’re back in the 40’s! So, it’s definitely great to get out when you can!

  4. I absolutely adore this entire outfit, it’s so fun! And I want a pair of Hunters so bad, they’re so chic and trendy. It’s still frigid up here in Canada, I can’t wait for some sunshine to hit us, I almost forgot what that feels like!

  5. Love the color! It has been raining a lot here in Nashville. I could use a pair of Rain boots.

  6. This is indeed an awesome outfit during this time of year especially. I really love these rain boots and will have to get a pair from Hunter. The color is amazing bright and gorgeous too. Thanks for sharing this awesome outfit.

  7. Your boots are hot. I have leather boots that color and I love them so much. Goes with so many cool clothing items I have. I love how you matched them with your leggings. Too cute!

  8. Those leggins are totally cute! It looks like a beautiful day at the park. It is so gloomy here in Chicago and I can’t wait for awesome days like this! You look gorgeous!

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