My Favorite Super Easy DIY Deodorant!

I have to share an embarrassing secret here: I sweat- a lot! When I was working as an esthetician, I would be in a small steam filled room for hours at a time- in Florida no less! It was unpleasant. I was using the strongest deodorant out there and it still wasn’t good enough. And […]

5 Nail Polishes You Need to Get Through the Holiday Season

One of the silly things that has had me most excited about changing job fields is the ability to wear nail polish. I have worked in a facial job for the past few years where we weren’t allowed to wear polish, and the nail tech side of me died a little every time I saw my polish collection sitting neglected in the corner! Needless to say, I have gone a little overboard now that I have the ability to wear it whenever I want!
So without further ado, here are my 5 favorite nail polishes for the holiday season!!