I am fully of the opinion that you cannot have too many monogrammed things! I also love macaroons and since I cannot eat them, I enjoy pictures of them! My sister got me a monogrammed vest for Christmas and it was finally cool outside, so I decided to create a preppy macaroon outfit!

Lularoe Macaroon Leggings
I love these macaroon leggings- they are the perfect mix of warm and comfy that I want when going to see a movie! We went to see the Lego Batman movie together- Let me say it was way funnier than expected and included a few surprises such as Voldemort, Sauron and Daleks!

Preppy Lularoe Outfit
I thought that the bow headband, boots and my Perry Street pearls married the outfit together in perfect preppy bliss!

Preppy monogram vest outfit
Sweater: Lilly Pulitzer | Vest: Custom Gift | Leggings: Lularoe | Duck boots and headband:  AliExpress | Earrings: Kendra Scott | Pearls: Perry Street |

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Heidi Dee

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14 thoughts on “Macaroons and Monograms!”

  1. Aside from the cuteness of those leggings – and I totally NEED a pair -those boots are AWESOME.

  2. I love Macarons too and I wish I could transport myself to my favorite French bakery. Yum! Love the monogrammed vest. You’re right, you can never have enough monograms.

  3. Well those legging stand out and make a statement which says I love my macarons leggings. Really fun and colorful. At my age nope I couldn’t pull it off. Enjoy those macaron leggings.

  4. The monogrammed vest is my all time favorite monogrammed item. Those leggings are just so cute. Love the black and pink color combo.

  5. I am in the market to buy something monogrammed. I have had a hard time deciding because I haven’t found anything that I’ve loved enough to monogram.

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