Styling Lularoe Macaroon Leggings for a Preppy Fall Outfit!

I am fully of the opinion that you cannot have too many monogrammed things! What is that expression? If it doesn’t move it should be monogrammed??? Yeah that’s me! My sister got me a monogrammed vest for Christmas but it has been ridiculously warm outside. Now that it has finally cooled down outside, I decided upon styling Lularoe macaroon […]

24 Feb 2017


Styling Lilly Pulitzer and Tulle for a Fun Preppy Look!

I absolutely adore tulle skirts – I guess you could say that they are kind of an obsession for me as you can see from my other tulle look!  And this Nosey Posey blouse is one of the few items from the Lilly Pulitzer for Target line that hasn’t really gotten a lot of love. I thought that […]

20 Feb 2017


My Top 5 Valentine’s Day Nail Polishes!

If you are anything like me, you love for your nails to be a festive celebration of every holiday! And of course for Valentine’s Day, reds and pinks and sparkles (a few of my favorite things!!!) are what it’s about! Recently, I have been playing with my polishes and these have definitely been my favorite Valentine’s […]

13 Feb 2017


My Favorite at Home DIY Treatment for Dry Achy Hands!

Recently, I have gone from a spa setting where everyone was shocked by how soft my hands were, to an office environment where I am typing a LOT and getting extreme hand cramps as well as sandpaper hands from all of the paperwork! This process has helped with both the dryness and achiness!

2 Feb 2017


What is Micellar water and why do I need it???

Earlier last year, I kept seeing this “Micellar water” stuff popping up everywhere. After wondering what this was and why I should pay money for “water”, I finally gave it a try! 6 months later, I am still using it and wouldn’t have it any other way!

19 Jan 2017