Should you attend a blogging conference? The short answer to this is a resounding yes! I recently attended BlogHer 2017 and had an amazing time! I think that it is incredibly important regardless of whether you are a hobbyist, looking to expand or a pro. As an esthetician, I always made sure to attend Premiere (the beauty conference) yearly as well and always gained so much from it. So why is this something that I feel is so important??

Vintage Lilly Pulitzer BlogHer 2017
1. The Learning – Similar to esthetics, blogging is an industry that changes incredibly rapidly. The classes offered at conferences are invaluable tools to help you keep affoot of what is happening in your industry. It is also your chance to hear industry leaders speak on what has helped them to become so successful, and give advice.

This is definitely the most important part of the conference to me. I always map out everything beforehand and know exactly which ones are my biggest priority to get to as they can be spaced far apart and fill up quickly. My favorite one this year was called 5 Strategies to Unleash the Power of your Personal Brand, but they had many other amazing seminars as well dealing with important topics such as SEO.

Pupstar at BlogHer 2017
2. The Blogger Connections – and no im not talking about the adorable pup from the Pupstars movie pictured here!!! Connecting with other bloggers is so important! You may meet someone who will become a mentor to you or just make friends and support each other!

Vintage Lilly Pulitzer, Baublebar BlogHer 2017
3. The Brand Connections – At BlogHer, they have an Expo area where you can go and talk to the sponsors in person as well as a “speed dating” event where you can “date” a Brand to see if you’re right for each other!

Should you attend a blogging conference BlogHer 2017
This is an invaluable opportunity to talk to brands, see what they are looking for and even land a sponsorship!

4. And lastly who could forget the swagbag?!? One of my favorite parts of Premier was always getting to try out all of the new products! BlogHer had a great swagbag as well and I look forward to testing some things out!

attend a blogging conference BlogHer 2017
So long BlogHer 2017! Overall my first blogging convention went great and I look forward to my next one! If you are on the fence questioning whether you should attend a blogging conference, do it! I thoroughly enjoyed myself and learned so much that I can’t wait to implement!!

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What has been your conference experience???

Until next time,

Heidi Dee


19 thoughts on “Should You Attend a Blogging Conference? My BlogHer Experience”

  1. I personally don’t like conferences. I find them really overwhelming, so I steer clear. If I was going to go to one, it would be Blogher, though 🙂

  2. They can definitely be overwhelming which is why I’m so big on having a list of exactly what I’m doing at which time – it definitely helps!!

  3. I would love to attend a blogging conference! I’ve never been because it seems like my schedule can never mesh with the ones I want to attend.

  4. I think that is definitely the hardest part for me as well! I actually had to miss Thursday and Friday because of my schedule 🙁

  5. I have never attend a blogging conference before but I have attended a social media conference years ago. If you are blogging you should indeed attend a blogging conference. There is so much you can learn and other bloggers to meet that become your friends. Thanks for sharing your awesome first blogging conference.

  6. A few of my closest blogging colleagues went to BlogHer this year and absolutely loved it. I plan on going one day once my kids are in school full time and I can spend more time working.

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