One of the things that I remember least fondly about living up north is the extreme, bitter cold weather. I was a banker for many years, and still remember like it was yesterday going outside at 5:30 to scrape off my car and shivering all the way to work! I do not miss this a single bit! In fact, I love that here in Florida I can still take my son out to parks during Christmas season without having to worry about bundling or frostbite! Today I am styling my Lilly Pulitzer Maia leggings and I also bust out one of my sweaters as there is only a short window to wear “warm clothes” here!

Lilly pulitzer Maia Leggings

This outfit has nothing to do with Christmas. However, it marks a huge milestone for me: It is the first time that I have been able to fit into my girls size XL Lilly Pulitzer Maia leggings that I have been hoarding for what seems like forever! The Maia leggings are significantly less expensive than the adult version and easier to find, so if you can fit into them, they are definitely worth it! You can check out this post to see another example of styling my Lilly Pulitzer Maia Leggings. Finally being able to fit into them is that little validation that all of my hard work over the past 6 months has been worth it and that I am slowly getting there! And when is there a time that is not a good Lilly Pulitzer time??? (The answer is never!)

Lilly Pulitzer Oh Shift sweater

This weekend we visited Largo Central Park. There were Christmas decorations galore, a train track and trail throughout the park and copious amounts of playground equipment. It’s definitely a fun time if you have a little one and I highly recommend it! (It also has copious amounts of Pokestops if you enjoy Pokémon Go!)

Styling my Lilly Pulitzer

Sweater and Leggings: Lilly Pulitzer | Duck Boots: AliExpress | Watch: Michael Kors |Sunglasses: Ray-Ban | Necklace: Charming Charlie’s | Monogram pouch: Louis Vuitton |Monogram Pearl-backed Earrings: MarleyLilly |


Enjoy your New Years and until next time,




17 thoughts on “Styling my Lilly Pulitzer Maia Leggings for the Winter! ”

  1. Those are really fun leggings! Olaf seems pretty happy about them too! haha That Christmas tree is so pretty behind you. I love the ornaments.

  2. It sounds like you had a wonderful time at the park. Your whole outfit looks amazing on you and I will have to check everything out you are wearing. It is so cute. I so wish I was living in Florida and not up here in Upper Michigan. Thanks for sharing your awesome outfit and your fun Christmas experience.

  3. We are finally thawing out after a nasty cold spell in Chicago. As much as I would love to spend the holidays somewhere warmer, it would feel so weird not to be at home with friends and family with lots of snow!

  4. Umm I need those leggings BAD! Super cute and I love it paired with that top! The Christmas outting looks so nice

  5. These pictures are so fun! I LOVE those leggings, they are too cute! And the duck boots match perfectly. Love this outfit, it’s so cute and looks so comfy too!

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