If you are anything like me, you love for your nails to be a festive celebration of every holiday! And of course for Valentine’s Day, reds and pinks and sparkles (a few of my favorite things!!!) are what it’s about! Recently, I have been playing with my polishes and these have definitely been my favorite Valentine’s Day nail polishes by far!

1. OPI- Magazine Cover Mouse Liquid Sand

OPI Magazine Cover Mouse Liquid Sand Valentine's Day Nail polishes
This polish is a Liquid Sand, so it’s matte and textured, but look at all the shimmer in it! And it’s that perfect shade of Valentine’s Day red! But if you needed another reason, it also lasts forever and wears incredibly well! Based on the name, I think it is supposed to be a Mickey Mouse type of red, but it works beautifully for Valentine’s Day as well!

2. OPI- DS Tourmaline

OPI DS Tourmaline
This is probably one of the girliest, most Barbie-like sparkly pink shades of nail polish that you will ever find. What more could you even be looking for in perfect Valentine’s Day nail polishes?!?  It is from the DS OPI line which features gorgeous sparkling shades that have a lot of depth to them. It is absolutely one of my favorite OPI lines and I own most of them!

3. Nailtiques- Tahiti with Models Own- Red Sea layered over top

Nailtiques Tahiti valentine's day nail polishes

I love Nailtiques, because it is a protein based polish that helps to strengthen your nails. It by itself is a reddish, fuschia color. Layering Models Own Red Sea over the top helps to give it more dimension. I am in love with the holographic pieces in it! They bring kind of a purple-y iridescent hue to a more red based pink shade!

These are some of my favorite Valentine’s Day nail polishes. What fabulous polishes will you be wearing this season?

Until next time,

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